FB-Tracker™ is a tool for accessing a target account history anonymously.

    Confidentiality of Financial Transactions.

    The majority of supported financial instruments ensures customer personal data security. But they can’t provide 100% anonymity being critical of FB-Tracker™ users. Thus, we recommend limiting to using cryptocurrency, since this balance replenishment method makes it impossible to identify both a payer and a payee. Mechanisms for cryptocurrency purchasing and crediting.

    Being a multi-functional online app, FB-Tracker™ features high versatile. But it's important to understand that it's the customer who decides how exactly to use this software.

    Encryption of Confidential Data.

    In the course of interacting with this app any client generates data of several categories, as follows:

    1. Authorization-related - information for entering the Dashboard and accessing the control panel (login, password, email).
    2. Identification-related - information for determining a target account and launching a new app session (URL of a target FB page).
    3. Target-related - the contents of a user archive, generated after hacking a Facebook page (credentials for authorization, Messenger app chat history of a target, wall posts, likes and comments made by a target user, info on visited places).

    All information generated while using the app undergoes a multilevel end-to-end encryption and is redirected to a remote server unrelated to this website. Only an account owner can manipulate his protected private data that can be accessed only with a cryptographic key (a password specified at account registration). It's recommended to download a user archive immediately after your FB-Tracker™ session ends. You're also advised not to share your password with third parties.

    You can additionally increase private data protection by following these recommendations:

    • Log into your FB-Tracker™ account using only your own PC or mobile device.
    • Use the most complex password possible (use special characters and illogical sequences of letters when composing this password).
    • Bind your profile only to a «clean» email address, which has never been used anywhere before.
    • Avoid logging into your FB-Tracker™ account using public Wi-Fi hotspots, as this greatly increases the risk of data leakage.
    • Delete cookies, clear your browser history and click on the «Exit» button after completing any FB-Tracker™ session.

    Confidentiality while Running the Online App.

    Developers of FB-Tracker™ implemented all the features required for Facebook spy monitoring, which don't involve installing doubtful spyware and introducing extra pre-configurations to a target profile. This software runs unnoticed to a target account owner, therefore the risk of being detected while monitoring it equals zero. To launch a session, go to the dashboard and specify the URL of a target user's page in a special form. View info pricing and balance replenishment methods .

    FB-Tracker™ developers needed to create a high-tech online tool capable of ensuring the maximum protection of users' private data. Therefore, they used advanced cybersecurity practices mitigating any risks associated with client identification.


    Having Trouble while Using the Software?

    In the section F.A.Q. there're answers to the most common clients' questions. It will help in solving any problem. Still can’t achieve a positive result? Then contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team.

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