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iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, BlackBerry.
Obtained information is kept 100% confidential

Mobile device data

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#Facebook server console

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system copyright. 2021-12-02 05:46:05 /API Identifier:

Updateversion 3.2.1: The provided credentials undergo extra validation.

How to hack facebook account remotely
Read chat history without accessing a device

FB-Tracker™ is an app for recovering password of a target Facebook account. With FB-Tracker™ client will be able to log into a target account on a new device. A hacking session runs in the background – completely unnoticeable to a target account owner.

  • Specify a target page URL to launch a new session: exclamatory
    Open a required page and copy its address to the clipboard

  • File archive contains:

checkFacebook profile username and password

check Messenger app chat history of a target

check Likes, comments and friendship requests

check Content published on the wall and groups

check Friends list including black list members

Hack Facebook
How to restore Facebook
how to restore Facebook chat history

Remote account hacking
Full-scale access to a page

There's a mandatory condition related to registering a new FB account. Any new user must specify and confirm his mobile phone number. This step both increases protection of confidential data and greatly simplifies password recovering if this user forgets it and can't access his Facebook page. If a password recovery procedure is launched, an SMS is sent to a phone number bind to a relevant Facebook profile. This SMS contains a code necessary to initiate a password replacement procedure. FB-Tracker™ is based on algorithms exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol for intercepting a system message with a confirmation code. Thanks to this code, one can hack a Facebook password and recover a Facebook profile. A compromised account is transferred to a remote emulator (it is part of FB-Tracker™ ecosystem ) for further generation of a user archive.

Pricing and Wallet Replenishment Facebook Account Recovery Feedback Section


FB-Tracker™ is a cross-platform online app. So it can smoothly run on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The algorithms used were optimized for the most popular operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS). All active processes are monitored online using a single Dashboard. To launch a session, you must specify a URL of a Facebook target page. System requirements of FB-Tracker™.

FB-Tracker™: the most effective solution for Facebook account hacking

Facebook is the world's biggest social media platform with a wide range of noteworthy features. Due in large part to a rather high website traffic (2 billion active users per month), FB turned out to be an effective business tool for promoting IT-products and advertising various services. Therefore in the current circumstances the following question becomes increasingly relevant: «How to hack a Facebook account?»

FB-Tracker™ is the best solution for remote Facebook account monitoring. It's based on algorithms exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol to bypass the security system of social media platform and allowing clients to hack specified profiles. It's worth noting that for availing of this application you don't need to install doubtful spy software or make some kind of pre-setting and preparations of a target account.

Positive customer reviews - excellent indicator of software effectivity level. Over 80% of customers gave it the highest 5 star rating, 63% become members of the Affiliate Program. 6 out of 10 customers launched more than one hacking session.
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  • Online App Performance

    Software developers strived towards creating the most rapid and efficient algorithms for this online app. Thanks to their efforts, any client can get access to a target account in a matter of minutes after launching a session. This entire process is automated and does not require user intervention.

  • High operational stability

    Software stability is ensured by a number of innovative technologies. FB-Tracker™ runs in the background and uses equipment provided by its developers. Therefore it's the best solution even for customers whose devices are rather weak it terms of computing power.

  • Intuitive Interface

    FB-Tracker™ features a simple and intuitive interface. Even a novice Internet user can get all the necessary information and start hacking Facebook, since website sections are arranged in the handiest way. It is worth noting that in case of any questions, a client can contact 24/7 Support Team.

Available Payment Methods
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc
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