This software is compatible with devices running
iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, BlackBerry.
Obtained information is kept 100% confidential

Mobile device data

  • Connection:
  • Profile:
  • Encrypted:
  • Verification:
  • Authorization:
  • Messages:
  • Photo and video files:
  • Username/Password:

#Facebook server console

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system copyright. 2019-08-19 04:32:07 /API Identifier:

Updateversion 3.2.1: The provided credentials undergo extra validation.

Recovering credentials of a target account
Get credentials from a backup

Facing difficulties while logging into an account? A built-in password recovery tool proves to be useless? Use FB-Tracker™ app for remote Facebook hacking and subsequent downloading a user archive.

  • Specify a target page URL to launch a new session: exclamatory
    Open a required page and copy its address to the clipboard

  • File archive contains:

check Username and password for authorization in Facebook

check Messenger app chat history

check Wall posts (photos, news)

check Friends list and current profile settings

hack a Facebook account
How to hack Facebook

restore Facebook
Facebook username and password recovery
Exploiting SS7 vulnerability

FB-Tracker™ software package gains control over the network traffic generated by a relevant mobile provider and intercepts a service SMS with a confirmation code necessary to restore a target FB profile. It uses mechanisms based on cutting-edge algorithms capable of identifying and exploiting the critical vulnerability of SS7 protocol. FB-Tracker™ runs in the background and does not interfere with a target account / device thus making it unstable.

Sophisticated architecture

One of the most important features this web-app has to offer is its intuitive interface making FB-Tracker™ available to anyone. Its developers carefully worked-out this aspect making user interface very informative. Moreover, there are tips available in the Dashboard.

Planning to use the web-app? Go to the user reviews section. Thousands of clients form around the world have already used our services and received a positive result.